The fog – It’s time to move to Spain (feb 2013).

Chapel Porth beach
Chapel Porth beach

There was a common joke among mothers at the primary school gate in a small Cornish village, “beware the Black Spot” they’d say grinning and you’d shudder at the reminder.  For those of you that have never had to inhabit the South West corner of the UK, the Black Spot is something to be very afraid of.


The mist would roll into the coastal villages and further inland regularly throughout the year, creeping into your life and causing havoc.  The Black Spot happens when the damp takes hold and never leaves, one of the many reasons I left Cornwall and headed south.  It was time to dry out, time to catch the sun.

Leaving the UK was not an easy decision to make, especially when you have school aged children to consider, makes my stomach churn just remembering the constant worry, was I was doing the right thing?  As a parent, you never really know if you are doing the right thing, whatever it may be; you can only do your best each day and hope everything turns out more than OK in the end.


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